JioTune or earlier said caller tune by other carrier services is so much popular recently. Before Jio, other cellular services were charging 30 Rs to set caller tunes on their phones, but now it free. Keep the latest songs so that your callers do not have to listen to the boring tring-tring. They can enjoy good songs before you pick their calls.

A lot of people are struggling with how to set a caller tune, which is the easiest method to set Jiotunes. I am sure after reading this article you will not have any single doubt. Today I am talking about setting the JioTunes with Jiosaavn app. Jiosaavn app is the latest music app with a wide range of music collection. They have a bigger music library whether it is English, Hindi, and other regional languages too.

So without wasting time we will go for the steps –

Step 1- Download the JioSaavn app and log in with your Jio phone number.

Step 2- Go to the search option and find the latest songs.

Step3- Select the song to set as JioTune.

Step4- Get an activation message on your phone which says the JioTune is activated on your phone.

So follow this method you will be able to set Jiotunes successfully without and hassle. Set up your favorite songs as your caller tune and let your callers enjoy it.

Note- There are a lot of songs that are not available for JioTunes, but you can still request that song to set as your caller tune. To request the caller tune just search the song and you will see a button says Request JioTune. Just click on that button and submit to request your favorite song to set as your JioTune. 

Also if you like someone else’s JioTune and you want to keep it as your caller tune you can either search that song and just follow the above steps to set that song as your caller tune or an easy method which is to copy the same tune and set it.


  1. To copy the tune and set it as your caller tune just press star(*) on your dialer pad.
  2. You will get a message on your phone to confirm. Just confirm the tune and the caller tune will be updated with an activation message on your phone.

Other methods to set JioTune are

  • From MyJio app
  • From Sms

Brief about setting JioTune from MyJio app

So if you wish to set JioTunes from MyJio app and don’t want to download JioSaavn on your phone you can follow this method. Just download the MyJio app and go to JioTunes from useful links. Select the song that you wish to set as your JioTune. Once selected, click on set as JioTune and that’s it. You will receive an activation message and your job is done.

Brief about setting JioTune from SMS

To set JioTune from SMS just follow the steps given below-

  1. Just SMS JT to 56789.
  2. Once done, you will have an option of the latest JioTunes, you can either select from them or search your favorite song.
  3. After selecting the song, just confirm the song to set as JioTune.
  4. Once the tune is set, you will receive an activation message.

Also to know more about JioTune go check the official JioTunes site.

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