After PUBG Mobile shutting down all the servers in India, we may have some good news. The users may soon get to play the game again. The report comes after the last server was suspended, but PUBG may offer rebooting of servers in India. This might be the news we all are waiting for. The game has a vast user base in India. So sooner or later it will be back we all knew that.

Rumours on rebooting of the game servers and bringing PUBG Mobile back to India are going on for a while. Now that Tencent is out of picture and PUBG Mobile will have to find a new distributor for India. As we all know that PUBG is created by a Korean company and they hold all the rights. They licensed Tencent (which is a Chinese company) to distribute PUBG Mobile in India, but due to recent conflicts between banning Chinese apps, PUBG also gets banned, and the corporation loses a broad audience and suffers losses. Now the Korean company is looking for a way to get back to the Indian market.

PUBG Mobile

TechCrunch made a report that clearly mentions that PUBG Corporation has already started setting up the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India. This Diwali, a campaign might start to popularise the game. Also, PUBG Corp is looking to set up India specific servers which will totally take care of data and privacy of users, unlike Tencent. The government is very much concerned about protecting user’s data.

Banning of Chinese apps

Nearly 2 months back, PUBG Mobile was banned in India, which was a sad moment for all Indian gamers. Due to some security issues, many other Chinese apps were prohibited along with PUBG. All the apps were removed from the play store and apple store.  However, the complete shutdown took place till the end of October. Now Tencent has turned off all the servers in India.

Meanwhile, Tencent announced to hand out the rights to publish the game back to the original creator. The rights are held by a South Korea based company. Interesting fact, India was one of the largest markets for PUBG mobile having more than 175 million users. That makes nearly 24 per cent of total users in the world. According to Entrackr, PUBG mobile is making 50 crore rupees per month from India, which is huge.  

Good news is we are making a good market for these kinds of games which are changing the world of games. In the near future, we are going to see Indian first-person shooter gameplay which is being developed by nCore games called Fau-G. A teaser has been launched where soldiers are dropping from the sky with various weapons to fight. This is a new initiation and who knows it might get the same popularity as PUBG. However, the games which are competing with PUBG Mobile like Call of Duty which is doing great on its own entertaining gamers with their excellent gameplay.

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