Putting your PS4 Controller on charge and won’t see the LED glowing up?

That would probably give you a stroke, right? Well, do not worry, I have had the same problem, and I looked upon the internet just like you are doing now. It is a common and following some steps can solve the issues right away if there is no major issue.

These steps might help resolve the problem, so you do not have to rush up to the store to buy a new one. So follow me and see if this works.

Fix 1: Resetting your PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller won't Charge

Usually “PS4 Controller won’t Charge” issue arises due to the Controller’s malfunctioning or some internal problems. So the first thing you should do is to reset the Controller and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Steps on how to reset your PS4 Controller-

  1. Find the reset button on your Controller: You will see a small hole on the back of the Controller.
  2. Put a small pin or unfolded paperclip and press it for at least 5 seconds.
  3. Your Controller should restart.
  4. Now try to charge it again and see if it is working.

Fix 2: Try changing the cable which you are using

PS4 Controller won't Charge

Sometimes, the “PS4 controller not charging” issue could be due to the charging cable you are using. Generally, due to rough usage, the cord may get damaged internally by wear-and-tear.

Follow the steps below to check if there’s any problem with your USB cable.

  1. Try to charge any other controller you have and see if everything is all right or not. If the cable is working on the other Controller, then it is probably the Controller with some issues.
  2. If you are facing the same issues on another controller, then the USB cable is damaged.
  3. Take a new cable and try to charge the Controller, and the problem should be fixed.
Note- Always try to use the official charging USB cable which comes with your PS4 console.

Fix 3: Try checking the USB port in your Controller

Sometimes due to a damaged charging port on your Controller, you can face charging issues. Now to check that, use the same cable and charge another controller as you did above.

If the Controller charges smoothly, then you have to change the charging port on your Controller. To change the charging port, watch the below video, and follow the steps. Feel free to pause while changing the ports yourself.

It is not as complicated as it looks; just a few steps, and it’s done, so do not worry about it. If you are still not comfortable, you should visit the nearest store and let them do the same.

Fix 4: Check the wall charger if you are using one.

Sometimes the wall charger you are using may be damaged or not suitable for the PS4 Controller, so these issues pop up.

The DualShock 4 controller has a power rating of 5V 800ma (0.8amps); this is the power the Controller needs to operate normally and charge. If you are using a low power USB charger, the charges will be more stressed to deliver the amount of power required and be burned up sooner or later.

Also, avoid fast charger, those are meant for the latest mobile phones which are capable of handling such power. These fast chargers can burn up the controller system, and there are numerous reports of controllers being damaged after charging from fast chargers.

So it is better to use the PS4 console to charge or the standard wall charger.

Fix 5: Replace the battery of your Controller.

PS4 Controller won't Charge

After using the Controller for quite a while, you may face battery issues, and that maybe the problems that the PS4 Controller won’t charge.

To fix this, you can buy a better battery that has a longer lifespan, and with the help of the above video, change it yourself or take it to the nearest store.

NoteTo increase the life span of the battery, It is recommended that a full discharge of the battery is performed periodically.


After performing all the above steps and still facing the same issue, it’s time to get the new Controller in the house. Well, to be on the safe side before purchasing the new one, get it checked on the store and let them see if they can help.

Else get the new one and continue to play the games you love. I hope this article helps you.

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