Learning a new language is by far the best thing you can do in this lockdown where you are getting lots of spare time to work upon yourself. Due to the COVID crisis people are working from their home and passing time doing nothing. A great way to utilize this time is by learning a new language.

A new language can increase your memory as well as you feel confident around people. You can interact with more people if you know more than one language. Moreover, speaking fluent languages is one of the top skills required in any occupation.

Since you are stuck at your home and can’t go outside for classes. We have gathered a list of top language learning apps that you can use to master any language that you wish to learn. These mobile apps will help you to quickly grab things in a fun and interesting way, so keep reading this article.

  1. Memrise
  2. Duolingo
  3. Rosetta stone
  4. Hello talk
  5. Beelinguapp


Memrise is a pretty simple app that creatively helps you to learn a new language in more interactive ways. The methods used in this apps like for instance if you need to learn a new language, it will first guide you to learn the alphabets of that language. Then slowly and gradually it will move to words and then sentences. In this way, you can explore these languages in deep and once you get your pace you can complete the dedicated course for that language.

It has a very interactive interface and it is easy to use. The audio and video clips are of real voice and not computerized. They have a 3 step approach that is-

Firstly learn the words and phrases every day, secondly, immerse in the real world and last but not least speak from the beginning so that it helps you to perfect your pronunciation and fluency. On the other hand, it has a pro version

that lets you talk to a chatbot or play games. These methods help you to learn languages easily.

Checkout the app here- Android | iOS


The best thing about this app is its interface; its learning methods are very interesting and engaging. You will feel like playing a game and after using this app for a couple of days you will get to know that you have learned so much. The app starts with basic words and translates them into the language you are learning. Once the lesson completes it will take a simple test for the things you have learned in that lesson. If you make any mistakes it will help you to correct it and also encourage you for your good work.

It will help you to learn, read, and write a new language. Also it helps you in the pronunciation of complex words by their audio learning. It is free of cost and helps you to learn a large number of languages. The good part is you can set a daily routine of how much time you need to learn the language. I have set 10 minutes daily learning plan but until I realize I have spent half an hour. When we enjoy learning we forget the time and in this way you get the best out of it.

Checkout the app here- Android | iOS

Rosetta stone

Number 3 on the list is Rosetta stone, being in this industry for over 25 years, and to reach more audiences they have their learning app as well. This app has 24 languages that you can learn. The app focuses on learning the language as well as speaking it correctly which are better pronunciation and grammar. Audio lessons help you to better understand the words and you can try to repeat after the audio and see what mistakes you are making and correct it. You can simply review your progress and learn any pervious lessons again and work on your weakness.

Certainly, this app is subscription-based and you can learn your first lesson for free. If you like it then you can go for the subscription. This is worth trying as this is the oldest industry for teaching languages and it is preferred by lots of people. If you are serious and interested in learning then this app is best for you.

Checkout the app here- Android | iOS


The idea of this app is very creative on its own. HelloTalk helps you to connect to a wider community of people who speaks the language you wish to learn. And in return, you will have to teach them your language. This can help you to talk to native speakers as well as to be immersed in that particular language. You will explore many things while learning, their language, behaviors and so much more.

In this app, you will be a teacher and a student at the same time. It helps you select your basic plan for your language. Once you select the plan, then you will have to find a person who knows that language, and then he can teach you. Its that simple.

Everyone on that app is for learning and can help you learn and engage with real people out there. In exchange, you can help them too by teaching your language. There are plenty of tools that can help you to point out your mistakes and correct them. This is a fun learning experience and encourages you to help others as well.

Checkout the app here- Android | iOS


This is another creative app that lets you learn languages by reading or listening to your favorite children’s stories, short stories, or novels side by side. Learning turns to a new level when you are listening to a story in different languages. For instance, you wish to learn Spanish and your favorite story is Snow White then you can simply listen to the story in Spanish and translate the works in your language so that you can easily understand the words and their pronunciation.

You can also read the story yourself and see the language translation in both languages side by side. This apps is best for children as well as people who get bored after learning a few lessons. The stories keep you connected to the app and help you to enjoy the learning. You can listen to the audio while your phone is in sleep, you don’t need to see the screen just put your headphones on and start learning.

Talking about Headphones, we have a list of top headphones reviews in another article, do have a look if you are interested!

Checkout the app here- Android | iOS


Learning never gets old, have something up on your sleeves, and be different from others. Learning a new language can advance your career and the people who know more than one language have a better chance to be selected in any firm that other people. Studies have shown that people who know more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving ability, critical thinking skills as well as better concentration. Also being able to communicate in different languages helps you connect with more people in your firm or the place you live, you can have better contacts and can explore different cultures. Learn at your speed, complete the lesson and try to speak, you might make mistakes at the beginning but sooner or later you will speak fluently. Everything takes time, so be passionate and give time to enhance your skills.

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