To begin your journey of live streams or to watch others playing your favorite games, Twitch is the best place for you. Their network is one of the biggest streaming networks right now. This article includes everything that you need to know about Twitch. 

  1. Introduction
  2. How it works
  3. Sign up for Twitch
  4. How to stream on Twitch
  5. What is Twitch Prime/Twitch turbo
  6. How to make money from Twitch

Introduction to Twitch |

What is twitch? The obvious answer that anyone can give you is that it is a broadcasting channel that helps you to showcase your talent to the world. You can build your channel and stream live or upload your content or watch your favorite streamers. Twitch is where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their entertainment together. Lots of people go live to watch the gaming stream of famous streamers like ShroudChocotacoNinja, and many more. On average twitch sees 15 million daily users and 2.2 million streamers. 

It was launched as a division of Justin tv in June 2011 as a separate gaming channel and named the website as TwitchTv, later on, it was acquired by Amazon in late 2014. Gaming streams were not so popular that time and after Twitch becomes famous the streams are set to the next level. It helps people to keep up with the latest games as reading a review of a new game is way more boring than watching the game in action on a stream. For this reason, many gamers tune in to these broadcasts and get an idea of the game that you wish to purchase in near future. 

How it works |

To watch streames you are not required to create an account just go to Twitch website and watch. Streamers have a setup of 2 cameras, one for the gaming and others for themselves. They create a channel where they play the latest popular video games, make live comments on the game, and entertain us. Every streamer is unique and every content is different. You can enjoy watching them play or you can be a streamer and entertain people on your own. 

Also, you might think that Twitch is only limited to gaming streams, this is a Myth. Nowadays you can see a lot of channels on live singing, music, and much more creative art. You can chat with streamers and donate to your favorite streamers on live chats. To view the streams you can simply go to Twitch Tv and watch any clips you want. Once you create an account on Twitch you can follow your favorite streamer and subscribe to their channel. Now following and subscribing are different in Twitch. Following a channel can get you informed about that channel and whenever they upload new content or make live streams. Subscribing to a channel costs at least $4.99 per month and unlocks benefits such as ad-free viewing, custom chat emotes, and a chat badge. There are other subscription tiers to that you can check on Twitch Tv.

How to sign up for twitch |

When signing up for an account please be aware that you are agreeing to our Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy in addition to being held to our Community Guidelines. Accounts found to violate these are subject to penalty, including account suspension. Please take the time to read these documents carefully.

Creating an account will help you to follow the broadcasters you like and even chat with them and also create your broadcasts to show your talent out there. The Sign Up process is very simple. There are 2 ways to create an account on Twitch

  1. From Desktop
  2. From Mobile devices

To sign up for an account, go to and select the Sign-up button on the top-right portion of the page. This will open the sign-up form and you just have to fill out the form and submit the form and you hvesuccessfully created an account.

Mobile Signup-

For this process, you have to download the Twitch app on your phone and open the app and sign up to create an account. One the sign-up page you can either provide your phone number or your email address. When signing in with your phone number they will send you a 6 digit code to verify your number. Just enter the code and finish the process and within no time your account will be created.

How to stream on twitch |

So now you are ready with your new twitch account and want to stream your gameplay or anything you wish to show to the world, below are the simple steps that you can follow and start your first live session. You can stream from different devices on twitch like PC, PS4, Xbox. Ps4 and Xbox have the inbuilt capability to stream on twitch so you do not have to download any additional software for it, but for PC, you need to download some software to stream.

To stream from PC |
  1. You need to download a broadcasting software on your Pc, I would recommend you to use OBS (Open Broadcasting Software). It is free of cost and easy to use. 
  2. Once you download to OBS to you Pc then you just need to login to your Twitch account.
  3. Go to your dashboard on twitch, form the top right of the screen, enter the title of your broadcast, and search for the game you wish to paly from playing tab. 
  4. Also from the dashboard go to the stream key option and copy the code you get.

Now go to OBS and set up the basic stream settings

  1. Once you are on OBS you just need to go to setting> Broadcasting setting.
  2. There you see a streaming service tab, you have to select Twitch as your streaming service, which is obvious from our top of the article.
  3. Once done you will be asked to enter your stream key, just paste the stream key that you have already copied from the twitch dashboard.
  4. Once done, hit the ok button and save it. Then go back to the OBS interface and follow the below steps: Source box> Add> Game Capture.
  5. Now, back to OBS main menu and go to right-click on the source box again, there you will get additional feeds option. This option helps you to show images, text on your display, or even your live video from your webcam. This makes the stream attractive and you can gain more audience. 
  6. You can simply edit your stream layout form edit stream option like you wish to show your live video from webcam on a small window and make your gameplay window cover the most part that you can edit from there. 
  7. Once done Click to preview stream to check everything is good to go, and then save it.
  8. Now the best part, go to the OBS dashboard and click on start stream to go live and that done. You are life to the world.
To stream from PS4 |

PS4 has the inbuilt streaming capability so you are not required to do anything. Just press the Dualshock 4’s share button, go to broadcasting gameplay, and select twitch as your streaming source. You can just go live that easy from these gaming consoles.

To stream from Xbox |

To stream from Xbox, you simply need to download the Twitch app from the Xbox store. Once installed, login to your twitch account and select the game you wish to play. Then go to the Twitch app and select Broadcast form the main menu and you are ready to go live.

Both PS4 and Xbox have features like to webcam that can help you to show up yourself while playing. Most gamers prefer to go live from these consoles as it is easy and fast.

What is Twitch Prime |

Many of you are still wondering what is twitch prime and how it is helpful on your Twitch account, let me brief you about it. Twitch Prime is a monthly subscription service that offers many benefits to your account. To join, you will need an Amazon Prime subscription or Prime video Subscription.

One you are a prime member you will have one free subscription for a channel that usually costs 4.99$ adding to that you will unlock features like special emotes, a subscriber to chat, and many more. Whenever you send a chat message your messages will have a crown-like badge that shows you are a prime member on Twitch.

You will be able to use different emotes like KappaHD,  Fortbust, etc.  Even you can get in-game content that includes skins, loot boxes, and downloadable content. Every month the offers are revised and you get new content. You can also gift the loot to your friends who do not have a Prime subscription. And adding to that you can also download a wide range of free games and play them.

What is Twitch Turbo |

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription program offered exclusively on  that is similar to Twitch Prime. The benefits to Turbo are a bit different than Prime subscription. You can get Ad-free viewing on twitch which is the best feature as nowadays these ads irritate us a lot and we just try to skip it as soon as possible. You can also have an expanded set of emotes and custom Chat Usernames with the color of your wish. Turbo includes extended storage of 60 days for past broadcast, for normal users, it is only 14 days. Turbo members automatically get priority service when they contact Customer Support.

How to earn form Twitch |

Now, it is the best part where you can simply play your favorite game and earn good money. Twitch has 2 programs running for streamers to earn money and also you can run ads on your channel to earn extra income.  A usual earning is from the subscription for the channel.

First up is Twitch’s Affiliate program. To be eligible, you need to have streamed for eight hours in the last 30 days, streamed on seven of the last 30 days, reached an average of three viewers per stream, and grown your audience to 50 followers. Twitch automatically invites you to this program once you meet those metrics. You must continue to meet these goals or risk losing your account privileges.

The Twitch Partners Program is the next step up. On the partnership application page, Twitch lists the following requirements: an established and steadily growing audience and chat, a regular broadcast schedule of at least three times a week, and content that conforms to its various community and legal guidelines. Twitch also notes that it prefers original content creators and emphasizes the importance of attracting high numbers of concurrent viewers.

One advantage of this program is that you can earn money from ads on your channel. Twitch also covers the transaction fees for its partners and gives them a better earnings split. Streamers in either program can earn money from channel subscriptions and bits. As explained earlier, you can set up subscription tiers at the $4.99-, $9.99-, and $24.99-per-month levels.

Conclusion |

For new streamers, it will be hard to get a good number of the audience unless you are lucky enough or you have an extreme level of gameplay. Keep it slow and steady and grow your channel regularly. Gove your audience great content so that they remember you whenever they talk about any specific game you have created content for. Once the audience starts coming then it will be a lot easy to turn the channel as a source of income. No matter what happens you have to stream, make a schedule, and follow it and who knows in no time you become famous.

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