As per Facebook, pages are for business, brands, organizations and public figures well I don’t think so. Anyone can create a FB fan page of almost anything whether you like music or gaming or you are into education or social awareness. You can create a page for every niche. It can be your hobby or your profession.

Pages can be optimized as per the niche; you can select an attractive title for your page and a picture too. Pages can help share your artistic content with your audience and building a community that has the same interests as you. You can create an event and even set ads to promote your pages to reach a bigger audience. If you have a website you can even drive massive traffic to it. You can even improve your business on Fb, as more than 500 million users you can easily promote anything if you have the correct audience. Many professionals are using Fb to generate a revenue of millions. I am not asking you to create a page for making money, it’s the advantage of running a successful page with a huge following. And to run a successful page you need to have a bigger audience.

How to create a Facebook page?

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The steps are pretty simply

  • Go to Facebook  
  • Click to choose a Page type.
  • Fill out the required information.
  • Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the page is created you can set up the basic settings and start editing your page to make it attractive. After the initial steps are completed, you will need followers for your page, and to do that you need to invite your friends to like or follow your page. Send an invite to as many people as you can and ask them to like/share your page.  

The reason why influencers are successful on Facebook is that they have a great following. You need to build expertise on the Facebook page by sharing your unique content, images, clips, latest updates on your niche. You will not grow the audience overnight. Just have patience and keep engaging with your followers and post good content to your page. Just stay motivated and don’t lose hope. Many of the page owners give up on their pages as they are not getting success. This process is like a growing tree. You will need to nourish it and give proper time and sooner or later you will see success.

How to promote your page? 

After creating your page successfully, you might be wondering how you can promote your page to get good followings. So to promote your content /page to people out there we have gathered a few successfully proven tips that you can use.

  • Use your social media profile to promote your page. So you might be using different social media platforms right now. Go to them copy your page like and share with everyone out there. Share with as many people as you can. Create a flyer or an attractive clickbait link and share it on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. This will help you to get a boost on your page and you will see some good following within no time.
  • Link your page to your website. If you already have a website then just link your page to the website so that your visitors may follow your page as well to get updated. This can also increase your following if you are having good traffic on your website. If you are not having a website then you can simply link your page link to your other social media platform(in your bio section, as we see on Instagram).
  • Also, you can boost your following by creating promotions of your content. These ads are paid and to be frank it helps a lot to reach out bigger audience and get more likes to your page content. You can run your ad campaign and select your audience so that the ads will be shown to that particular audience and you can get the best results out of it.
  • Follow some good pages on your niche and see how they are growing. Build relations, invite them to your events, and post your content on their pages. This will help your page to get more interactions from other pages and eventually you will grow your following.

How to earn money from your fb page?

There are several ways you can earn money from your page. Today I am going to talk about the best 4 strategies that anyone can easily use to start earning from there pages. The opportunities to earn are very high and the methods are simple.

Note- you will not earn money unless you have a good follower base. The methods are applicable for page owners who have a huge following, not for those owners who have recently created there pages and have less audience.

  • Sponsored posts- Many huge pages do sponsor posts to earn huge income from big brands. Once you have a successful page with a large audience and interaction, brands related to your niche will approach you to post their products on your page and they can pay for that post.
  • If you have a website and you are selling products or doing affiliate marketing on your website, there is a pretty good chance of conversions from Fb pages. Just post your product link and share it with your pages and other pages.
  • Run in-stream ads on your page. This is a basic earning method for page owners who post videos regularly. Once your page becomes famous you can run ads on your page and earn good money from those ads. The more people see your ads the more you earn.
  • Add a paid membership to your page. I know you might be thinking that why will people pay you to join your group. The answer is pretty simple; show your audience the value of your content. Once your page is getting quality content no matter your page is free or paid you will get the audience.


There are several ways to earn from your pages but I find these methods are best and legit. Facebook has a wide range of opportunities and it’s time for you to start leveraging one of them! You can even drive traffic to your website from your pages or vice versa. So it is up to you, how you manage your page and earn from it. It will need patience and a lot of work to make it to the top, so without wasting any time go follow our passion and create a page for it.

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