Being a member of eBay you’ll get many products, for each category and from a majority of nation. You can buy from any seller or you can even sell your products, whether the used ones or the new one. But if you’re not satisfied with the eBay services, then you can simply close your eBay account and delete the info stored in your account completely. This guide will assist you with all the steps which will lead you to successfully close your eBay account.

But first, you’ll need to check if your account may be a Seller account or the customer account. So if you’ve got a buyer’s account then the process is going to be easy but if you’ve got a Seller’s accounts then it’s a bit complicated process. Keep reading this text and follow the below steps.

Close eBay account

To Close your eBay account, you can simply select these options to urge your account deleted as soon as possible.

  • Visit this link and login to your eBay account.
  • Once you are on the page, after logging in to your account you’ll see a page like this
Closing eBay account step 1
  • Click on the category list and choose ”Account issues” and move forward.
Closing eBay account step 2
  • Then you’ll need to choose the option “Closing a duplicate account”
Closing eBay account step 3
  • After selecting that option you’ll be redirected to a page where they’re going to ask you for a possible solution. Just click on the dropdown menu and choose “No, just close my account”
Closing eBay account step 4
  • Once done you’ll be asked one last time to verify the deletion of account and the data related to that account. Click on the checkbox and “Submit Request”.
Closing eBay account step 5

By selecting these options your eBay account will be closed as soon as the eBay reviews your request. If you’re a daily seller on eBay and you’ve got tons of things on your store then you’ll need to remove the items from your store to delete your account. Also, some limitations will cross your path in closing the account.

Closing account and private data deletion exceptions

We can’t close an account or delete associated data if:

  • Your account has an outstanding balance
  • You have pending transactions (i.e. open bids or pending payments)
  • If there’s an ongoing transaction.
  • Ongoing shipping of your item to your buyer.
  • If you’ve got an ongoing Auction of your items.
  • Data associated with an account must be retained to detect, prevent, mitigate or investigate fraudulent or illegal activities
  • There may be a public health issue

Also, if you wish to simply stop selling then you don’t need to delete your account or delete any data from your account. You can simply remove your APM (Automatic payment Method) and stop using any selling tools on your account.

If you’ve got any pending suspension or limitation of your account then you’ll not be able to delete your account. You will need to contact the customer service and resolve the suspension first then you’ll be ready to close your account.

What happens after submitting the account closure request?

Once you’ve submitted your request then, within 24 hours you’ll receive an email from eBay that your request is submitted. Your job is completed and now eBay will verify your account and delete it within 30 days. If you’ve got any outstanding sale then the closing procedure can take up to 60 days to completely delete your account and data from eBay servers.

Also, once the request is submitted, you’ll not be able to log in to your account or use it. If just in case you would like to reopen your account then you’ll need to contact eBay within 30 days. Once the account is totally deleted, it’ll not be possible to retrieve it back. To reopen your account just contact eBay and ask them to reinstate your account.

To reinstate the account, eBay will ask you some questions to verify the real owner of the account . They’re going to ask you the registered address and the registered telephone number of the account. Once verification is done then they will reinstate your account and you can use it further.

Alternative of eBay

eBay does have tons of bugs which will let any potential customer or user leave eBay . Some factors like, unable to use eBay vouchers, payment issues, login issues, or account security reasons, users are leaving eBay.

To overcome these hurdles and to urge the best experience for purchasing or selling products then you can use the leading eCommerce website that’s Amazon. I even have had the best experience by far in buying products from amazon. I purchase plenty of products online and my first choice is usually Amazon. Sometimes, I received faulty products but the return procedure is simpler than eBay. Every eCommerce website has its pros and cons but the user experience matters the most. I felt a lot better on Amazon.

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