First of all, if you don’t know what Arcade is, let me tell you. Arcade is a type of game genre that is fast-paced; require good hand-eye coordination skill. The best example of an arcade game is pinball. Playing games is the best getaway from boredom. While waiting for someone of something, it is the best time killer, and sometimes we often get addicted to some of the exciting games. Google play has numerous games to choose from, but I have rounded up the best arcade games that you can play now.

So let’s check out the games which made through the list-

Beat Street

Beat Street is a single-touch controls game where you get only one fist button to kill the enemies. The theme is retro and very similar to Double Dragon. The old-style beat ’em up genre is fascinating to play. Older-style arcade games have a controller, but you can drag to move, tap to punch and use gestures to show some impressive moves.

The game’s storyline is that evil gang members are terrorizing Toko City and the people need your help. Using your fighting skills to get your way through gangs and defeat them to become the new hero in town.

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Sneak Ops

Sneak Ops is a free game available for smartphones, which lets you enjoy a sneaky stealth action game where you will have to play a thief to complete the tasks and sneak out without getting caught.

The main motto is to steal valuable things inside security locations. You need to skip security cameras and guards carefully, crawl through tunnels and sneak yourself out. The game has several levels get tougher and more challenging as you move forward. The game is enjoyable, and you need excellent control to go through, steal, and getaway. However, it is addictive once you get to play it.

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Fly This!

Fly This! is an explosive airplane action game in which you have to control flight traffic and let them move smoothly without wrecking into each other. Well, that will probably kill every passenger, and that will be messy, right.  

It would be best to draw a path for your planes to follow and land them at airports safely. This puzzle-oriented game is very addictive, and you will enjoy it. When controlling the aircraft, you will have to face various hurdles like extreme weather or skipping mountains, and even some levels are time-bounded, so never take your eye off the timer. The entire theme is fun and addictive that you will play it for hours.

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Williams Pinball

Williams Pinball is the mini version of pinball for android devices. The game is recreated more excitingly, and I am enjoying playing this game. At first, you choose to have only one table to play but moving forward, you collect XP, table parts, and coins and unlock other tables. You get new missions and daily challenges to complete and collect coins.

The challenges get tougher and more challenging every day, and the pro physics simulation provides the best pinball experience ever. The updates have new tables and different table customization that you can do along with fantastic characters and wall art.

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Knight Brawl

Knight Brawl is an action game in which you, as a warrior, fight with your opponents with weapons designed perfectly to give some severe damage. This medieval fighting game has those old fashioned swords like gladiators used to have.

You have to battle on castle roofs, pirate ships, and other locations and win every battle to get gold coins. Those coins are used to buy new and strong helms and weapons. The game is super fun, and these miniatures warriors look cool. You get the usual controls to move and fight, and there are plenty of missions to play.

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Duet is an addictively entertaining arcade game. Rules are, two balls are in sync, and you need to rotate those balls and protect them simultaneously to avoid various hurdles. There are eight chapters with plenty of stages to play. You get different modes like survival mode, Daily Challenges, and bonus challenges to ears goodies in-game along with them.

All these features are in the free version of the game, and there is an additional premium version, too, with other features. But I don’t think you will need the premium version to enjoy the game. The game is super fun is one of the few good arcade games on mobile.

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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is the latest battle royal game from Supercell. The game is an online arcade brawler that is surprisingly addictive, where you team up in a three vs. three games and fight to win the battle. There are several modes to play like gem grab, the showdown, bounty, heist, special events.

The game has dozens of brawlers with incredible abilities, star powers, and gadgets to rule the battlefield and win every time. You can collect gems by completing quests and unlock gadgets and powers. There are seasons from time to time, and in every season, you will get something new which makes you continue playing. The game is free with in-app purchases. There are leader boards in which you rank and get valuable goodies to improve your gameplay. The game is exciting and has new content so that the user does not get bored.

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