The adventure genre is a mixture of many genres, like puzzle solving, action, horror, and many more. We all love adventure, whether it is in real life or on video games.  This is the most famous genre in the gaming world, and everyone loves to explore this kind of game. To create a game in this genre, one must keep in mind that the user gets something new and exciting in each level moving forward. So to get you the best experience in adventure games, we gathered some of the best adventure games of 2020 that you can play right now.

Also, if you are into the arcade games genre, we have rounded up the list of best arcade games which are available in Google play to play in 2020. You must check out those games too.

So let’s check out the list of games one by one-

Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is an open-world skiing adventure game. This ski game is one of the most popular ones in the adventure genre. You need to use the lift to go to different tracks and races to the bottom. You are skiing with other opponents to beat them and complete the race in the least time.

However, only the first stage is available in the free version. The other locations are in the premium version of the game. In online mode, there are leaderboards where you can rank and win goodies. The graphics of the game is good, and the gameplay is smooth. The controls are pretty straightforward, and by playing for like 2 or 3 times, you will get used to it. The first mountain is free, and for other mountains, you need to pay for it.

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Cube Escape

Cube Escape is a puzzle-oriented adventure game where you have to solve various mysteries. It is an online game where you get plenty of puzzles, and if you like solving puzzles, it is the best game for you. The controls are simple, and the graphics are good. You will have some resources based on the scenario to solve the puzzle, and you must use it wisely.

The game is an escape game where you are in some situation, and you have to escape from there. Rusty Lake has a series of escape games, and every game has an exciting concept based puzzle to solve. This series of games are popular and have good reviews on the play store.

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Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is one of the popular mixed-genre games; here, the two genres are RPG and adventure. The story is of a legendry ninja whose son is being kidnapped by devils, and he has to fight and get his son back. The character is well known for many skills to fight and is on a mission to defeat devils to save his son.

The game features addicting gameplay; the adventure is thrilling and exciting. The controls are comfortable, and after completing every stage, you get to come in-game currencies to upgrade weapons and abilities to kill more challenging enemies. Graphics is soothing, and the theme is excellent with easy to control system. The game is one of the best adventure games on the list.

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Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

It is yet another fantastic game, and the story is fascinating. You have to clean up the mess created by the hitman. In almost every game, you will get the primary role and play the game, but in this game, the primary character is the hitman who kills the guys, and you have to clean up the crime scene as a secondary and remove every evidence so that no one gets to know who killed the guy.

Nobodies are point-and-click puzzle adventures in which you must use the resources to ensure your hitman’s action goes undiscovered. The graphics are very cool, and I like the story as well. You will enjoy playing this game with lots of twists and turns.

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CASE: Animatronics

Case: Animatronics is a horror/adventure genre with a great story plot. In this game, you are playing a police detective trapped in his workplace. Some anonymous hackers have taken over the building and sealed all the exit doors. You have to survive the night and escape the place. There are many more characters inside the game that will terrify you while playing.

You’re playing John Bishop, an excellent detective who works hard and does overtime at nights to solve the cases. Now someone tries to take over the place, so your job is to figure out who is responsible for this mess and caught them red handed. The game is tremendous and horrifying and has good graphics and themes.

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Death City: Zombie Invasion

Death city is another amazing survival adventure game in which a deadly virus is spreading out in a peaceful town, and you with your two companions are not yet affected. It would be best if you took your team to the road of survival by fighting zombies and beat them with your weapons. The game has many levels around the city, and you may face many challenges as you move forward.

The theme is very much exciting, and the characters are cool. You need to kill the zombies and use their DNA to strengthen your body. There are so many strong weapons in the armory; unlock them and survive the day. The weak will die, and the stronger one will survive. So make sure you upgrade your weapons and become stronger at each level.

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Criminal Case

Criminal-Case is a mystery game where you are on an adventure to find hidden objects to solve the murder cases. Investigate the crime scene and find the clues that help you to solve the case.

The game is simple yet exciting; every crime scene has plenty of puzzles that you need to solve and win. The graphics are average, and the controls are easy. You are a detective who needs to analyze, interrogate, arrest the suspects, and help the police department. There are different characters in the storyline, which make this game enjoyable. The game is played online, and you can even connect your Facebook friends and play along with them.

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