Apple, in its third online virtual event, announced three brand-new Macs the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini. All three devices have the new M1 Chip and are now open for pre-order. The new macs will be available in stores from November 17, 2020. But since the new macs are here, Apple started to remove the Intel-based Macs and will not manufacture it anymore. 

M1 Chip

The M1 Chip features eight cores four high-performance cores for heavy-duty work and four high-efficiency cores for low-priority tasks. Apple promises faster performance with more efficient power consumption.

Also, with the new OS launched by Apple known as Big Sur will be available on MacBook Air and Pro. The OS will be available for download from November 12 November for free. 

MacBook Air with M1

M1 Chip

Starts at $999

The new MacBook Air is now only available with silicon chips and not the Intel CPU. The devices with new M1 Chip have a starting price of $999 and $1249. The 13.3-inch display is configured with 16GB of Ram and has storage up to 2TB. 

Apple confirmed that the new MacBook Air has 18 hours of battery which is the most extended battery life on any MacBook air and is faster than the previous versions. Also, the new device is faster than most of the Pc or laptops sold in last year, as per Apple. 

 MacBook Pro with M1

M1 Chip

Starts at $1,299

The new MacBook Pro is now launched, but you can still purchase the old Intel-based versions. However, they are available at a higher price range. The M1 based MacBook pro has a starting price of $1299 and $1499 and has only two thunderbolt ports. However, the MacBook pro with 4 thunderbolt ports and Intel processor has a starting price of $1799 and $1999. 

The Pro has a better and longer battery life than the Air, 20 hours approx. The Pro is already doing well and is loved by many professionals who want powerful devices. The new Pro has a GPU that’s 5x faster than the previous model. 

Mac Mini with M1

M1 Chip

Starts at $699

Apple’s computer promises to be 3 times faster because of the M1 Chip. The Mac Mini has a inbuilt speaker, Wi-Fi 6, thunderbolt ports, and a headphone jack.

The Mac mini also has the Intel-based versions, but like the Pro version, they are also priced higher. The M1 based Mac mini starts at $699 and $899, and the Intel-based versions begin at a price range of $1099.

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