The invention of virtual assistant has made our works so easy and quick and made so much difference in your day to day life. Earlier,  we call Jinns for our wishes and now we have virtual assistants for that job (Haha). 

As you may be well aware of Apple’s Siri, the first modern virtual assistant installed on smartphones. After that  day till now there are many voice assistants in the market which have a different set of features. In this large crowd of Virtual Assistant apps, we have gathered the best 5 for you that you can use in your day to day life to save your time. 

From checking the latest headlines to the weather forecast to set some reminders and many more just control these little things with your voice or text. These 5 apps that are widely used and most liked with great user interface and easy to operate. 

  1. Cortana
  2. Google Assistant
  3. Bixby
  4. Hound
  5. Databot


Cortana, a Microsoft based personal assistant. By the name of Microsoft you might probably guessed that it top class. Cortana is giving competition to Siri and google assistant. It is now available in mobile devices too as Microsoft is expanding Cortana’s reach to smartphone users. 

Firstly, you can ask any question and the app will find it for you on the internet within seconds (depending on your internet connection – just kidding). In addition, it can also set reminders (so that you never get late on your meetings or forgot any special occasions) or manage checklists you have made on your notes about something important. 

Secondly, it uses the geolocation system on your phone to give your reminders based on your location, so you can simply set up a place where you need to visit for work and whenever you are near to that place it will notify you about that place.

Isn’t she smart, Cortana can funnily interact with you and can answer all your silly questions. In addition to that she can help you with the latest updates as well as traffic updates so that you save your time and get a better route to your destination. She is a fully packed virtual assistant with good performance and ratings as well. You should try it on your device and comment on your experience.

Checkout the app here- Cortana

Google Assistant

Google has its assistant which by far most widely used and has the best interface. It is one of the best assistants in the market and can do lots of stuff for you. The best part of it just ask “Hey Google” and you will be able to interact with your virtual assistant. 

Similarly, like any other assistant, it can do normal searches on the internet, set reminders, alarms, manage your calendar, etc. For example, you can play music or videos with your voice when you are busy with something.

Other complex things like sending a message on Whatsapp, calling someone, sending an email, booking a Cab, finding your favorite restaurant or shops.

It uses your location and helps you to reach a destination, it is a smart assistant and can help you pass your time.For Instance, you can chat with the assistant and ask them to tell you a joke (the joke may be lame but still it can make you laugh). The more important thing is it can help you with little things in your day to day life and make your work easy.

Checkout the app here- Google Assistant


Bixby is a Samsung based virtual assistant and is only available on Samsung devices to date. It can do basic things like any other assistant and it is very efficient in that. From setting a reminder to calling someone, Bixby is there for you. 

Moreover,  you can simply set up a routine of your day to day work once and it will adapt your routine automatically. It learns your movement so that you do not need to set things everytime. 

Certainly,  it has total access to your phone’s contact, camera, Samsung Pay, and even more Samsung features. You can take selfies for you or read your unread messages out loud. Bixby can handle some core features like zoom in or zoom out for screen, or color adjustments of the screen. With many features, it has a disadvantage too that it is limited to Samsung devices only. 

Checkout the More about – Bixby


Hound is another virtual assistant application on our list. It uses SoundHound’s sound recognition. As per the data, it is by far the fastest and more accurate voice assistant application in the market. It is used for detailed searches and gives the best results for it.

Its advanced features let you search in detail about your query and you get the most precise results. The features include basic searches, access to music apps like Spotify, alarms or reminders, latest news updates, call text, or navigate everything by just your voice.

It has some other features like mortgage calculator that helps you in a situation where you just need a quick answer to your basic math queries without opening the calculator on your phone, just say ‘Ok Hound’ and it will popup the assistant like a Jinn and ask your query to it. 

Checkout the app here- Hound

Databot Virtual Assistant

The best thing I like about this app is the interface of this app, it is like a robot that is helping you. The interface is more fun and easy to use. Like any other app, this app provides all the basic facilities, helps you to manage searches, reminders, and navigation, etc.

It is available on mobile, laptops, or tablets and it free of cost. It is best when you are traveling, it can help you with the navigations, can help you with hotel searches on the web and many more things. You can chat with the assistant and it will act like a real human. It can call you by your name and is a little sarcastic beware.

Checkout the app here- Databot


All the apps listed are having different abilities and are suitable for everyone. The virtual assistant apps developing day by day and it helps you to make everything easy and quick. I am having a Google assistant pre-installed on my phone and also tried the above-mentioned apps. All are user friendly and gives the best results. If you have any other suggestions or questions you can simply comment below and let us know what you think about it.

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